Fringe and Free is a young company actively looking to partner with affiliates and collaborators who love Fringe and Free and want to spread the word. 

Fringe & Free is an online shop that curates a handmade and earthy aesthetic because of our faith-forward values rooted in the Bible. 

💨 We use all natural materials because God made them.
🇺🇸 We are always trying to source locally because it is a way that we love our neighbors.
🤰 We donate monthly to the non-profit Embrace Grace because we care a ton about the single mamas and babies found in unexpected pregnancies. 

If we sell it, we either made it or we know exactly who did.

If you are interested in joining our Friends of Fringe and Free community, take a minute to fill out the form and let us know a bit about you. Our team will respond from there.