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BULK - Macrame Twisted Cord 4mm 100% Natural Cotton - 3 Cakes

$23 $27

3 Cakes of 100% cotton 4mm cord.

This flexible and soft cord is great for making plant hangers, wall hangings, and so many other macrame projects. Hand-cranked by me, into a convenient center-pull ball (a real treat to work with!).

The flexibility in this cord makes it easy on the hands. It will hold a knot well, and it also has some give to it, making projects that need many tight knots more comfortable to do. 

It is 4 ply, which makes it a beautiful cord to work with if you want to have any wavy fringe in your pieces. For example, once finishing a wall hanging, the strands below the knots can be untwisted and the cord is left with a crimped and twisted curl, adding even more depth of texture to the fiber art piece.

This is the cord I use when making all of my cotton plant hangers, coasters, and most of my wall hangings.

100% natural cotton cord

4mm thick, 4-ply

41 meters each, 123 meters in total



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