Fringe and Free

Signature Ruth Wall Hanging


**This piece sold. If you would like a similar piece commissioned, please contact me.

This wall hanging continues to captivate Nathalie's heart. It is full of tight and structured knots at the top, but then it tapers off and then becomes so loose and free. It invokes memories of rainy days spent in the garden. The latticed knots remind her of climbing ivy while the abstract fringe resembles drops of rain slowly sliding down.

This wall hanging comes in 2 sizes.

The colors shown in the pictures are Natural Cotton, Dusty Rose, and Jet. The small wall hanging styled with the Dusty Rose Ruse is Quade in Golden Sand. 


Small 6" by 10"

Large 18" by 36"

Simply hang her from a nail just under the center of the dowel.

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