picture of the founders family

Homemaking is the heart behind Fringe & Free.

Fringe & Free is a FAITH-forward online shop¬†that curates a handmade and naturally¬†earthy aesthetic. ūü§©

We will be upfront in disclosing that we are different. Founded by Nathalie, a Yahweh-loving wife and mama who is obsessed with living a clean life, when shopping for the natural decor aesthetic she loved meant funding businesses with values she found to be the opposite of natural and Godly, she took a step of courageous faith to make a business set apart.

ūüí® We use¬†natural¬†materials because¬†God¬†made them.¬†

ūüßļ We collaborate¬†locally¬†when we can¬†because¬†it is a way that we can¬†love¬†our¬†neighbors.¬†

ūüôĆ We support other small, hand-made businesses¬†because ... well there are many reasons why, but in short because they are usually family-friendly, the quality is outstanding, we can see their beautiful work environments, and¬†we tend to value similar things.

ūü§įWe donate monthly to the non-profit¬†Embrace Grace¬†because we care a¬†ton about the single mamas and babies¬†found in¬†unexpected pregnancies.¬†

So if you are looking for a thoughtful brand you can support ūüß° that will help you make spaces of peace, joy, and life ūüĆĪ,¬†then look no further. We have handmade macrame everything, dried florals, organic Texas cotton tees for¬†the whole family, and¬†hand-pressed floral greeting cards.

We hope you find¬†a purchase¬†you can¬†feel good about¬†and share¬†it with those you love. ūüß°