Homemaking is the heart behind Fringe & Free.

Fringe & Free is an online shop that makes all kinds of handmade macrame gifts.

Made by Nathalie, a homeschool mama, who longs for slower nostalgic times when it was common to purchase high quality-handmade goods from your neighbor. Nathalie began Fringe and Free as a pop-up macrame shop in local artisan markets. Now an online shop, you can shop our entire range of plant hangers, USA flags, original fiber art, and macrame supplies. The line closest to Nathalie's heart is the Biblical Holidays collection, a line that is dedicated to helping celebrate the Biblical Holidays, like Pesach/Passover and Shavuot/Pentecost.

If you are looking for a thoughtful brand you can support that will help you make spaces of peace, joy, and life 🌱, then look no further. Fringe and Free is a handmade in the USA small business that does things a little differently. 

🧺 We collaborate locally. 

🙌 We prioritize supporting other small, handmade in the USA businesses. 

💨 We use all-natural materials. 

We are excited for you to experience the personal touch of shopping with our small business. 🧡