Fiber Artist Statement

Intrigued by textiles from the outset, my hands eagerly sought out every fabric in the store. I could discern the organic fibers from the synthetic with ease; my touch instinctively recoiled from the inorganic, while finding solace in the embrace of natural materials like cottons, linens, and wools. Though I briefly explored pottery, the cold, clammy sensation of wet clay proved unsettling. My longing for warmth, comfort, and tranquility persisted until I discovered macramé—a medium that allows me to constantly engage with and be touched by natural fibers. I gravitate towards branches over dowels, favor abstract forms over linear ones, and embrace any angle except the right angle. I draw inspiration from the Creator's handiwork, seeking to emulate the beauty already present in His world. Landscapes with depth, rock striations in exposed cliffs, and ever-changing sea foam bubbles crashing on sandy beaches are my favorite inspiration sources. Once inspired, symbology and numbers play important roles in my work. Sometimes, what looks most abstract, is extremely intentional. I love playing in hidden deeper meanings.