Nathalie Lu and family of Fringe and Free Macrame Fiber Art

Homemaking is the heart behind Fringe & Free.

Fringe & Free is named after the woman in the Synoptic Gospel who was sick and believed if she could only touch the fringe of Christ's robe then she would be healed.

Fringe & Free is a brand that hopes to help enhance the spaces where you and your family rest, grow, and be all that you were made to be.

Nathalie Lu is the macrame fiber artist behind Fringe & Free. From green ivy cascading around curtains in a window to birthing her youngest at home witness by her husband and toddler, Nathalie has always been drawn to the simple and natural aspects of life.

Nathalie's masterpieces are hand-knotted at home, with a desire that each one would be a catalyst for peace, hope, and joy in the spaces they live.

Texas-born and raised, she lives with her husband, two sons, and German Shepherd in Dallas.

View her latest fiber macrame artwork here.