A natural home is important to me. It extends past natural decor and touches every part of my life. It is so exciting when you can find products that you trust, do you good, and enjoy using. Here are some of my favorite products that also have affiliate programs. I earn anywhere from 4-15% commission on every sale made through this links, so purchasing through them is a small way you can support me and my family. Here's to sharing what's good! 


Plant Therapy Essential Oils

My family and I have used these oils for over 3 years now. The oils I frequently grab for are vetiver, bergamot, and grapefruit. I also always have a large bottle of the KidSafe Germ Destroyer in our home. And here are some of their holiday blends! 

Holiday Blends Now Available at Plant Therapy! Shop NOW and Save!


Ponponia Children's Boutique

I don't remember how I found this adorable children's clothing line, but I'm so glad I did! Nostalgic, slow fashion, neutral colors, and everything I have ever purchased has been 100% cotton. Enter code FRINGE for 10% off your order or click here


Berkey Water Filters

My family uses the Imperial 4.5 gallon water filter, with the fluoride kit. We are glad we went with one of the Big Berkeys. We drink more water now, simply because it tastes much better than the water from our fridge. And it is so easy to fill with water. We were driving to our local health store to get their filtered water, and that trip got old quickly. Now we all drink water from this filter, even our German Shepherd. 




Being in places of preserved natural beauty is a reset for my soul. It quiets me and puts my life back into perspective. Our family is out weekly at local parks in our area and we are always planning our next national park trip. Whether it be looking for fungus or foraging pine cones, having good shoes that help me feel the ground, keep water out, let warmth stay in, and let my feet be as close to barefoot as possible is awesome. I own the Tracker Hi women's hiking boots.