Fringe and Free

Anne Braided Macrame Plant Hanger


Your home is cozy and inviting. Give your plants a cozy home, too, with the Anne Plant Hanger.

More than just a place for your plant to sit, the Anne Plant Hanger is a custom new residence for your special plant, handbuilt with intentional materials, elevating your plant and decor. 

Anne has bold and attractive braids made completely from natural cotton cord and an exclusive hand-forged black steel ring. 

Not only is the Anne Plant hanger lovely, but her roots are just as lovely. 3 Texas makers created her: Nathalie the knotter, Clay the Blacksmith, and Rebecca the laser-engraver. You directly support three small businesses with your sought-after purchase!


Hand-knotted with 100% cotton and available in so many colors. Completed with a hand-forged steel ring and a pristine engraved "Fringe & Free" wood tag.

She is suitable for pots 7"-9" in diameter. You can see the wonderful pot size variability she has in our pictures.

Approximately 36" from ring to the end of the tassel, with a plant. The length will change slightly depending on the size of the plant you pair her with. 


Where are your plant hangers made?

All of our planters are made in Texas by Nathalie, Clay, and Rebecca. So, by purchasing one of our plant hangers, you are directly supporting three small Texas businesses. 

Where should I put my plant hanger?

We love hanging our planters from a sturdy curtain rod with an S Hook, from the Grace Wall Hook installed into a stud near a window, or from a ceiling hook. 

Can I hang it outside?

Yes! Since we used incredibly sturdy steel rings, you can use your plant hanger outside. Traditional wood rings can crack and break over time.

What about watering?

Drainage is very important, so we usually hang our pot with a drainage hole along with the saucer. Many times we water the saucer directly and let the plant absorb what it needs. Alternatively, you could place your pot with a drainage hole inside a slightly larger pot that doesn't have a drainage hole. Be sure to check for and remove excess water as it accumulates.

Does it come with the pot and plant?

The plant, pot, and hook pictured are not included with the purchase. 

Return Policy:

All of our plant hangers are made to order in the color of your choosing. Due to the customized nature of the plant hanger, we do not offer returns at this time.

"They are truly perfect!! I love them 😍 Thanks again!!" Julie W.

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