Fringe and Free

Chet Keychain Bag Tag


Soft Keychain

Crafted with curvy half-hitch knots, our Chet clip-on is a handmade soft charm, perfect for organizing keys or adding boho style to your bag. 

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% soft cotton
  • Bronze hardware 

Behind the Hebrew Name

Inspired by the double 8 look of this keychain, we chose to name her "Chet". Chet is a Hebrew letter that has a numerical value of 8. We love Hebrew letters because they are incredibly rich in meaning and goodness. The meaning of the letter chet is "life", and the number 8 signifies grace and new beginnings. The shape of the letter resembles a doorway, and it calls to memory the doorway that the blood of the lamb was put on during the first Passover (Exodus 12:7).

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