Fringe and Free

Ellis Shield Wall Hanging


She is strong, makes an impression, makes the simple striking, and is ready to make a statement with her thousands of knots. 

This wall hanging begins with a piece of wood and a huge spool of 100% natural cotton cord. One of the most difficult parts of this piece is estimating how many yards of cord is needed to make each unique design. The first layer of this piece needs about 100 yards, and the second layer needs almost as much. 

The main knot used in the piece is a double-half hitch knot. It is a simple knot, and yet one of the most challenging and versatile knots. Each of the three layers in this hanging uses this one knot, making the overall diverse look of this piece so striking. 

Dimensions: 36" by 45"

**This piece is made to order. The exact branch used will vary from the exact one shown in the picture. 

This piece is named after the first baby whose room this piece was originally commissioned for. Ellis comes from the name Elijah, which means my God is YHVH. 

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