Fringe and Free

Fiber Art Wall Hanging Rockscape No. 4

$298.00 $388.00

Fiber Art Wall Hanging

This is the latest fiber art wall hanging available in this rockscape series. A special mixed media knotted tapestry for your home, reminiscent of the striated rockscapes of the Colorado Trail mountains. 

Eight different cord types are used to create the abstract design of this tapestry, including hemp, raffia, cotton, and, most notably, natural gray-purple handspun fleece from an alpaca at TX-Ture Farm in Aubrey, TX. 

This wall hanging begins with sandblasted wood, and then hemp rope is looped on. The abstract art design then begins, as individual cords are knotted on and secured in the back. Changes in material type, texture, and diameter are thoughtfully added, creating a relaxing and earthy design.

Dimensions: 23" by 29" 

Handmade in Texas by Nathalie.

Also pictured is the Large Eyelet Macrame Plant Hanger


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