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Grace Wrought Iron Wall Hook


Wrought Iron Hook

Are you trying to figure out how to hang a macrame planter?

Hang your plant hanger from the Grace Wall Hook, a beautiful, functional, and incredibly crafted steel mount. 

This hook has ideal proportion and scale, timeless hand-forged style, and is made from 3/8 square steel using a reverse twist technique. Two screw holes are added for strength. 

The finish of this hook is quite unique with a texture of its own. Hot-coated with beeswax, some areas of the hook are a bit matte, others almost glossy. Looking upon these hooks is a visual journey of its own.

Best installed into a stud that gets natural light. A foot or two from a window usually does well. 

This hook comes out 7.5" from the wall. It gradually curves up and away from the wall, and then just as gracefully bends down, ending in a petite lip hook. Keep in mind the size of the pot you want to hang. The plant hanger pictured is the Droplet. 

American Wrought Iron

We get our hand-forged steel hooks made by local blacksmith Clay. He uses a home-built coal forge to craft his work. His pieces are sturdy, unique, and bold.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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