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Rockscape No. 2 Wall Hanging

$98.00 $228.00

A special knotted tapestry made with naturally-dyed cord, reminiscence of the striated rockscapes of the Colorado Trail mountains. 

Five different cord types are used to create the abstract and earthy design of this tapestry. The sandy brown color was made using avocado, and the brilliant mocha pink was made using tree bark.

This wall hanging begins with foraging wood bark and collecting avocado skins and pits. Two dye baths are made and 100% natural cotton cord is added and gently dyed. After being hung-dried, the cord is then spun into cord cakes so it can be used. This is a 2-day process. 

This wall hanging was strung up and knotted by Nathalie in the heart of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, deep in the woods. Once home, she added the finishing knots and took off the anchoring cord, replacing it with a straight wooden dowel.  

Dimensions: 18" by 16" 

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