Fringe and Free

The Namesake Tassel Keychain


Clip-On Keychain

Do you know our namesake? Fringe and Free was named after a story in the synoptic gospel. 

A woman with a devastating bleeding disease believed that if she could just touch the fringe of Yeshua's robe, she would be free (and she was). This story of faith and healing means everything to us. 

We made this keychain to remind us of her faith, events when we experienced healing, and to strengthen our faith in the times when we desperately need healing. 

Tassel Bag Charm

For such a statement piece, we had to use meaningful materials. 

Let’s start with that chunky bead! John, a skilled woodworker from Grapevine, created each bead using his lathe. He only works with beautiful hardwoods, he never stains them. They are just so naturally beautiful after buffing and sealing with beeswax.

Then there is that super soft cord. We used alpaca wool and hand-dyed cotton. The wool is from TX-Ture farm. The alpacas we can thank are Toby, Moonshine, and Esperanza. And we can also thank Annemiek for spinning the fiber.

Rebecca in Georgetown made the namesake Fringe and Free tags. Nathalie did the cotton dyeing and final macrame assembly. Isn’t that incredible? Four Texas artisans went into the making of this Keychain. Talk about “love thy neighbor” and buy thy goods 😂.



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