Fringe and Free

The Original Crossbody Purse


Knotted over 400 times, this handmade natural macrame purse is special. The Original Crossbody Purse is Nathalie's personal daily purse choice. It holds just what she needs, and it holds onto her, so she can focus on her two little boys and the adventure they are on together.

After having worn the purse daily for months, Nathalie made intentional design choices to this purse before bringing it to market. The leather strap, metal finish, and natural cotton all wear well over time. It is just the right size, just large enough for Nathalie's wallet, phone, keys, and lip gloss. For a smaller purse, check out The Sandra Crossbody Purse or the Sandra Wristlet Clutch. 

Now we must talk about this brown convertible cross-body leather strap. It is made in America from top-grain buffalo leather. We tested quite a few types of leather before choosing this one.  It is lightweight, very flexible, matte on the outside, and smooth suede on the inside. We also chose a super functional adjustable strap. Forget about the adjustable buckles with only 3 holes, this strap can be as long as 52 inches or as small as 31 inches. SO MANY OPTIONS.

Finally, and very importantly, the strap is removable. We chose a unique spring O-ring (in an antique brass finish to match the tassels) for our strap so that you could wash your purse if you want to. This is especially important for the natural white color (Nathalie's personal purse choice).

**The dimensions vary based on the color. The range is from 8.25” x 6.5” x 1.5” to 9.5” x 7” x 1.75”. Mustard, chinaberry, jet, dusty rose, and onyx come out on the smaller end. Natural cotton is in the middle. Evergreen comes out on the larger end. We haven’t made the purse in any of our other colors yet, but we think the other colors will fall on the smaller end of the range. 


Bag Care: Those super dark blue skinny jeans we love so much have a dark dye that we don't love so much. It sometimes transfers a blue hue onto our crossbody bag. The bag is washable, but be gentle with her and be sure to remove that strap before washing. Air dry or dry on low. Piling is normal with natural fibers, they can be treated like a sweater and shaved off. The fringe will require the most maintenance after washing. Carefully brush it out with a fine-toothed comb, or our favorite, a clean pet brush. You may need or want to trim the fringe a bit after you brush it out. The fringe will likely be softer and more voluminous than it was before. 

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