Fringe and Free

Boho Coasters Semicircle Pattern


You will love these cute coasters!

This cotton coaster set of 2 is customizable. Match your current color palette at home, or add a pop of color to mix things up.

These handmade coasters have over 460 knots and 84 ft of cord in them. Like wow! 

Since we use 100% cotton to make these boho beauties, they are the ultimate drink coaster! Absorbent, washable, adorable, they are abundant in texture and function. We think they check ALL the boxes!

Tip: And if the fringe gets a little "messy hair don't care look" after washing, but you really do care, just gently brush with a fine-toothed comb. 

The colors shown in the pictures are Natural Cotton and Golden Sand. Also available in solid colors here.

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