Fringe and Free

Luxe Round Solid Coasters


Part of the Luxe line of products, these coasters come in a set of 2, are handmade, and are customizable. 

These Luxe coasters can be made to fit your color palette at home or choose colors that bring in the season, and these can be used as seasonal decor. 

Who knew so much love could be knotted into a coaster? These have over 230 knots in each coaster. That a whole lot of love. 

Abundant in texture and function. Choose from a range of colors, and remember that cotton is absorbent. 

Tip: these are washable, but be gentle with them and air-dry if possible. For the natural cotton color, sticking them out to dry in the sun is a gift from above for getting stains out. And if the fringe gets a little "messy hair don't care look," but you really do care, gently brush it with a fine-toothed comb. 

The color shown in the pictures is Natural Cotton.

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