Fringe and Free

The Ephraim Market Crossbody Purse


What a unique purse. This purse is made with a very thick cotton cord. It resembles rope but is much softer. Made with a cotton hand strap as well as a super functional convertible leather strap. Wear her as a crossbody, handbag, or shoulder bag.

Available in two different styles, one with layered fringe, and the other without. Since this purse is made with such a large cord, the spaces in between the square knots are larger than in the Original Crossbody Purse. The look is eye-catching, just be wise about the size of items you add to your stylishly handmade purse. 

Now we must talk about this brown convertible cross-body leather strap. It is made in America from top-grain buffalo leather. We tested quite a few types of leather before choosing this one.  It is lightweight, very flexible, matte on the outside, and smooth suede on the inside. We also chose a super functional adjustable strap. Forget about the adjustable buckles with only 3 holes, this strap can be as long as 52 inches or as small as 31 inches. SO. MANY. OPTIONS.

This purse is made from 100% cotton and can be washed (just remove the strap prior to). Dry her on low heat and use a fabric shaver if pilling happens. You can also choose to dye your purse using a dye made for natural fibers. 

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