All About the Anne Plant Hanger

The Anne macrame plant hanger is feminine, familiar, and has been with me from the beginning of my Fringe and Free journey. She has a backstory and I’m excited to share it with you now. 

The Backstory

The very first plant hanger I made was the Janae, and the Anne came soon after.

Do you ever find yourself struggling in the interior design space between more is more and less is more? That is a constant see-saw I find myself on. I love the minimal design of the Janae, and how thick the cord is in that planter, but I wanted more. 

Her Roots

When I began making plant hangers at the beginning of 2020, all of my planters had three segments or “arms”. Now most of them have four arms for the added variability they give. The more arms, the more accommodating they are to pots of different sizes.


close-up of braids on plant hanger

Originally, the Anne was made with 9 cords of waxed hemp strings (something similar to this). The cords were then separated and used to make three arms of braids. This hanger could hold a 4-inch pot, had a thin and polished look, and was made with a wood ring. I still have this design hanging in my bedroom for sentimental reasons (and I still like the look of her).

picture of the original Anne

The Changes

When I began modifying my plant hangers to have 4 arms, the Anne's look changed the most. I switched from polished thin hemp to cotton cord and increased the number of cords from 9 to 12. Her braids became thick, the top knot pronounced, and she held much larger pots than the original 4-inch ones. Since she was going to hold weightier pots, it was also important that the rings be made from metal (hand-forged by a local blacksmith) rather than wood. Wood can break over time.

netted bottom of plant hanger

netted bottom of the plant hanger

picture of hand-forged metal ring in the plant hanger

I also decided to make a minimal version of this planter that has no netted bottom, maximizing the size of pot or tray that could be paired with her. I have the minimal Anne hanging in my son's room with a stuffed aloe vera plant.

picture of minimal square planter

The Namesake

Are you curious about her namesake? Anne is the middle name of my friend who re-introduced me to macrame. She gifted me a miniature plant hanger she made, and when I saw it in small-scale, I realized that it was made using the same knots as the ones I had learned as a girl (you remember friendship bracelets, right?). Coupled with my need for plant hangers, and an abundance of time on my hands (what the enemy meant for evil, corona, God turned for good), I learned the art of macrame applied to hanging planters. It’s pretty amazing to me that an entire business can sprout from the seed of one kind gift. Thank you “Anne”.

picture of the first gifted plant hanger

She is available in many colors, is handmade in Texas, and when you purchase one plant hanger, you are directly supported 3 small Texas businesses. Go get yours today, maybe even gift her. Who knows the good that could sprout!

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