Tricks to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Plants

Here are some tips and tricks I have gathered to help keep your cat away from your plants (hanging or not). I don't have a cat, but so many of my customers do, so I made this resource! 

1. keep a spray bottle of water near your plants and spritz your cat every-time they play with the plant 

2. Granick’s bitter apple spray

3. add pebbles to the dirt around the plants

4. defender spikes 

5. bury plastic fork heads poking upwards through the dirt (maybe find black ones that will better blend in with the soil?)

6. put chicken wire around the base of your plant

Hopefully these will help you out! I'm also thinking about experimenting with some beautiful rocks to put in with plants, to adds a "pet" for your plant, but also being beautiful, natural, and hopefully pet-deterring. 


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