An Organic Everyday Tee Your Family Can Live In

We at Fringe and Free have been working on something for awhile now. Something completely different, totally natural, and needed in every household.

We launched a new offering: beautifully grown and sewn everyday tee shirts that your family can live in. The entire family! We have onesies, kid tees, and adult tees!

a husband, wife, and two sons wearing the organic everyday tee

These shirts are special. We mean it. These are very special, doesn't get much better than this, noteworthy shirts. Trust us, the hype is worth it.

These are naturally beautiful shirts. What do we mean by natural? Oh, we are so glad you asked. They are cotton shirts, but not just any cotton, ORGANIC cotton (which is really important when you start learning about the amount of pesticides used on conventional cotton). But this is not just any organic cotton, this is grown in the USA cotton. And not just any USA cotton, this organic cotton was actually grown in our home state of TEXAS. Pinch us, discovering these shirts still feels like an incredible dream. 

pregnant mother wearing organic everyday tee holding toddler son wearing organic everyday onesie

Ok, these ARE very natural. But can you tell me more about the beautiful part? Oh yes. These are beautiful for physical AND ethical reasons. Ethics are a deep topic, so we will keep it short. Because this cotton organic and local, we are supporting a work environment that is good for the farmer and good for our Texas land. Also, we are financially supporting our neighbors (we prioritize loving our neighbors at Fringe and Free). Now for the the PHYSICAL beauty of these shirts. These shirts LOOK like creamy vanilla ice cream with specks of beans dancing all throughout. This is because the cotton is not bleached. Another plus for sustainability and health reasons. (And YES, they are just as soft as they look, and get even softer over time.)

closeup of the creamy color and speckled texture of the everyday organic cotton kids tee

We love Texas. We love organic cotton. We love fibers that are gentle and clean. The entire family can live in these creamy fibers. 

This is the ultimate everyday tee. We can't wait for you to get into yours! Stay-tuned for when these go live!

joyful children wearing everyday organic tee


These look super comfy! Will be purchasing soon

Keratiloe Maake March 13, 2022

This is my ind of wear, minimalist, comfy and bonus they are organic

Jeannie January 17, 2022

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