American Door Flag

The Door Flag by Fringe and Free

A Large American Flag 

Back in May of 2021, we were preparing for an upcoming weekend market in Grapevine. The 4th of July was right around the corner, and we really wanted to introduce a decorative flag into our line of  macrame wall hangings. We started envisioning a banner, similar to our nursery banner, just in red, white and blue. 

A friend of ours suggested we make a door flag wall hanging instead. It immediately became clear that it would be one of the more difficult pieces to make, but it was also clear that we wanted this product. American flags made in the USA was something we wanted to be apart of. And for so many reasons. 

decorative flag on black front door; Large American Flag; door flag

American Flags Made in the USA 

We wanted this flag because we love our country and are thankful for the freedom we have. We haven't spent anytime in the military personally, but by including this product in our gift shop, we could continually be sharing our gratitude for the freedom is represents. We also love our modge-podge decorating style: modern boho, eclectic, vintage, mid-century modern, sometimes minimal and sometimes maximal. We were excited to create a flag that could fit into the uniqueness that is our decor style. We substituted in our colors, replaced stars with smooth and round wooden beads, applied a "macrame filter" to it, all while keeping her as close to flag regulation as possible (more on that in a minute). Our decorative flag came out lovely. 

close-up picture of decorative flag; showing the unique style it has

Handmade Door Flag

We can't over emphasize enough that this is a handmade flag. A handmade rendition of a flag that has VERY specific details. The obvious details are the 50 stars on the blue union and the 13 alternating red and white 13 stripes. But the easily overlooked details are the ratios of the union to the overall width of the flag. Similarly, the ratios of the length of the union to the overall length of the flag. How far the stars are spaced out in the union, how many stripes go just below the union, and keeping the width of each stripe consistent (the width of the stripes below the union need to be the same width as the stripes beside the union) are all exact on the USA flag.

The most difficult part was finding a way to divide the space below the union into 7 equal segments for the 7 stripes that go below it. Or maybe it was correctly spacing out the 50 stars. Both of those were hard to navigate. 

The first rendition of the macrame flag that we were happy with took about a week of testing to get correct. We took copious notes and tweaks.

More Patriotic Decor

The original USA Flag was immediately well received. We brought just one to market and she sold to a young college lady who was visiting from another state. It's funny how we remember those customers who confirm our debut dreams with their purchases. God bless her.

Five of the neighboring vendors voiced how much they loved the flag and wanted us to make more. This American flag is large, and looks perfect on a front door, but we set out to make a smaller version that could go in more places and be sold at a lower price point.

After more testing and tweaking, we landed on this decorative flag. All of the flag regulations are kept, just in a smaller version and a different union design. When we debuted this flag, she too was immediately well received. The acting market director purchased her, a Marine veteran himself. He wanted the flag in his living room. We are so thankful for his support and his service to our country. God bless him.

Nathalie standing beside handmade flag wall hanging

Flag Decor 

There is a need for flag decor, and we are thankful we are helping to fill that need. This has easily become our best selling wall hanging. It has helped us voice our heart for our country. It has helped others voice their heart for the country as well. We won't forget one young lady that saw the flag at a market and immediately purchased it. She thanked us for making the flag, and then later sent us a message sharing that she was a Marine veteran and this flag came at the perfect time for her. She had felt like there were so few people left who cared for our country, but this flag gave her hope and helped her feel seen. 

“As a United States Marine I was immediately attracted to the flag that was so beautifully created. In a time where a lot of people are against what America stands for it was refreshing to see it hanging on her booth in Grapevine. I’ve seen so many flags but this one is the first one I’ve purchased because it was handmade. I could tell it was made with pride.” Kenya

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