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Macrame Handbag

Fringe and Free's macrame shoulder bag is special. It may be the first time you have seen the craft made popular in the 70s used to make a bag. Or maybe the first time you have ever given any attention to macrame. Whatever the initial interest, this purse is eye-catching and worth all the attention.

macrame handbag in the yellow color "mustard"

The striking and simple beauty of this handbag is shown in every alternating square knot. Over 400 knots go into the Original Style (be sure to check out The Sandra Crossbody Purse and the Sandra Wristlet Clutch when you get a minute), and over 200 ft of cotton cord. More on the natural cotton in a minute.

Modern Bohemian Style

This is such a modern boho style purse with all it's natural vibes. Soft cotton, smooth leather, hard and cold brass metal. Yes, yes, yes! This purse has so many the earthy elements. And let us tell you, it is difficult to find a fabric-based purse made with only natural fibers. Ours only uses botanically beautiful cotton. No synthetics, no blends. Just natural cotton.

This purse takes hours to make and the handcrafted detail shines through. Just take a second and third look at the brass tassel closure. 

zoomed in photo of original crossbody macrame handbag, focusing on the brass tassel closure

We love what Kasie had to say about the bag: "Holy quality! I can't stop wearing this purse! Super pretty and extremely strong. Every outfit feels complete with the Original Crossbody on my arm". 

A Purse Made in America

Have we mentioned that this handbag is made in America? From the macrame, to the convertible cross-body leather purse strap, to the teeny tiny Fringe and Free tag tucked inside the purse, this beautiful purse is made domestically in the USA.

A Purse that Supports Small Businesses

And what we like even more, all of these parts are made by SMALL BUSINESSES. Supporting small businesses has become super important to us these last few years. We are intentional about where we spend our money and who we work with. We want to help our neighbors when we can, and we are proud of the connections we have made.

made in america handbag, showing the small tag inside of the bag that reads "Fringe & Free"

We just had to share what Kayla had to say. It just makes our day when we read reviews like hers: "As someone who enjoys all the purses, I carry this one knowing I’ve supported Nathalie’s small business and that is extra important to me! 😊." Kayla, your support literally keeps up going, thank you.

macrame handbag in the grey color "jet"

So if you want to wear natural, be unique, and support small businesses in America, come on and let's get started on your next purse <3. 

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