We Love Our Blacksmith's Hand Forged Iron Hooks

Hand Forged Iron Hooks

Another Texas-Made Good 

It was a fall 2020, at a Ft. Worth Holiday market that our founder crossed paths with Clay the Blacksmith. It was clear that Clay was excelling in his craftsmanship. When Nathalie saw one of his wall hooks, the idea sprouted to have a custom line of hall hooks to pair with our plant hangers. But that was just the beginning.

Handmade Blacksmith Wrought Iron Hooks 

Our macrame plant hangers were made with great attention to detail, but the one thing that needed improvement was the ring. Nathalie tested a few different ring options for the hanging planters. The crowd favorite was by far the wood ring. But the plant hanger was only as strong as the wood ring, and over time wood was not the best choice to be the load-bearing part of the hanger. 

When meeting with our local ceramic artist John, he suggested we start having Clay make our plant hanger rings. John hated seeing his planters break after being hung in a plant hanger with a wood ring that finally gave out. It was a great idea. 

closeup of hand forged iron macrame plant hanger ring

Clay got started on our plant hanger rings right away. Now, every plant hanger, except for our antler and Jean styles, are made with Clay's hand-forged rings. They are beautifully strong. 

Rustic Iron Wall Hooks

But we have to share more about the hooks he makes for us. The S hook is a must-have addition to any plant hanger owner. It makes hanging plants around the home so easy and stylish. Just pop it over any sturdy curtain rod already hung up and your are all set. 

hand forged steel s hook blacksmith made

The Grace Wall hook is another extraordinary addition. You have to take the time to really appreciate the rustic twist he adds to each one. The motion in the steel is special. It's the type of motion that Nathalie loves to illustrate in her Calm Tapestry collection.

hand forged wall hook blacksmith made

One last detail that needs more hype, the finish. After Clay forges each piece, he dips it in beeswax. It makes parts of the steel look matte, and other parts glossy. It's touches like this that make the handcrafted quality of his work so obvious. 

At Fringe and Free, we love handcrafted goods from our neighbors. Order your plant hanger and hook today to get your hands on these special pieces. The hype is real! 

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