Organic Cotton T-Shirts Made in the USA

Organic Cotton Clothing Made in the USA

Learning about the impact fast fashion was having on the world used to make me feel helpless. I was ball-and-chained to a proudly out-of-control industry because transitioning my clothing into a 100% Organic Cotton wardrobe felt too expensive and overall inaccessible to me. 

I do have a few ethically made organic cotton pieces for professional meetings, but admittedly I didn’t intentionally buy them because they were sustainable, it was merely a coincidence. What’s so great about organic materials for daily use? Why switch now? 

Kasie wearing 100% organic cotton shirt with a professional outfit in color natural/undyed

I am an extremely blessed person who gets to work with Nathalie for Fringe and Free as her Social Media Content Marketer through my sister’s creative studio Brainstorm Boutique. 

In my family and even my boyfriend’s family, Fringe and Free is a household name. Her beautifully knotted macrame plant hangers are in nearly every window between our 4 homes and her Large USA Macrame Flag is prominently displayed in my mom’s living room.

Organic Cotton Clothing Made in the USA

When Nathalie decided to add 100% Organic Cotton shirts made in the USA (the cotton is actually grown in Texas), it was one of the few times I had to market something I didn’t actually grasp. 

Non-Toxic Clothing

Knowing Nathalie as well as I do, I know that she’s mindful of every decision she makes for Fringe and Free. I know on a personal level she cares about the quality of her products as she is conscious about the safety of the materials that are in her community’s homes, their air, and on their bodies.

Fringe and Free’s pricing has always made sense to me, and again Nathalie did not disappoint. Affordable 100% organic cotton shirts where the cotton is grown in Texas near her hometown and made in the USA is unheard of. I’ve never seen such a wholesome story for a shirt to be sewn into with a price point that’s more affordable than most of the synthetic tees hanging in my closet.

Organic Cotton Basics

Since Fringe and Free’s Everyday Organic Apparel makes promises I haven’t experienced myself, I decided to fill up my Fringe and Free shopping cart with Nathalie’s guidance. 

I bought 4 shirts. As per Nathalie’s suggestion, I sized down to a Kid’s Everyday Organic Tee on one of the Natural shirts to try on a tighter fit while the rest I bought Adult’s Everyday Organic Tees in my true size.

Natural Fiber Clothing

When they came in, I was floored at how gorgeous the colors are in person. I bought 2 in Natural which is an amazing creamy French Vanilla color. Natural has very faint specks throughout the fabric to support that it truly is undyed Organic Cotton. 

close-up of the undyed organic cotton clothing made in usa with natural specks throughout

Vintage-Inspired Dyed Shirts

I ordered one in Rosemary (which I’m wearing now as I type this). It’s the most comfortable color I’ve ever worn. It’s calming and grounding. Like a really good playlist you can wear. 

And, lastly, I ordered one in Red Barn - a rich cranberry color that has very faint swirls from the vintage dying process. Every color is soft on your eyes. I LOVE them.

The Best Feeling Shirts

As this is my first time ever wearing 100% organic cotton tees, I was not prepared for the incredible feeling it would have on my skin. Before these Everyday Organic Tees, alarm bells would go off in my head about every 6 hours that I have to change my outfit. 

If this speaks to you, know that I have worn these shirts every single day since I got them. I don’t want to wear anything else. They are the perfect balance of lightweight and substantial. I know I’m wearing a shirt, but I don’t feel suffocated in it like my cheaply made synthetic clothing did.

Made in USA Apparel 

I’ve always been a believer in shopping at small businesses, and now thanks to Nathalie, I’m a believer in shopping for 100% Organic Cotton made in the USA. Because Nathalie continues to curate only the highest quality materials for her store, Fringe and Free will always have my support. 

It feels good to be loyal to a brand led by someone who truly cares about making sustainable natural products accessible! I finally feel like I’m on the right path to being a responsible consumer. 

Kasie Lechelle works with her sister at Brainstorm Boutique - a creative studio dedicated to building confident brands. Visit Brainstorm Boutique to learn more about their services.


Ommmg I love your blog so much and it matches well with your content on organic lifestyle. Those colors are gorgeous and goes so well on you! You look amazing and omg that must feel soo comfortablee. I’d have to check out Fringe and Free. Thank you for sharing!

Inna | Thatunknownblogger March 11, 2022

I’m a big fan of sustainable fashion, and I definitely love your organic cotton T-shirts. Thank you for a great post.

Selena March 04, 2022

It looks so good, I’ll add a necklace and this will be the perfect ootd. I always like the basics white but this is more sustainable.

Jeannie February 24, 2022

You’re review makes me want to find those 100% organic cotton shirts. I think I would feel good too if I wore sustainable natural products.

Caroline February 20, 2022

Great article

Teala February 20, 2022

There’s something about Organic Cotton which I love. I’ ll have to check out Fringe and Free

Mehaa February 20, 2022

I love everything about this post! It is so important to support our local ag producers, local small business, and support jobs in America!!

Cayla Holleman February 20, 2022

I love my 100% organic cotton tee from Fringe and Free! It’s exactly like Kasie describes in this blog post!

Britni February 20, 2022

Great post! Fast fashion is cute, but so wasteful.

Andrea February 20, 2022

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