Hat Collection Display Inspiration

We were SO happy to do a recent collaboration project with professional photographer Brittany Bunker of Brittany Bunker Photography.

We love her design style and were so excited to see how she would use her Boho Hat Holder and Accent Flower. You will find her inspiring pictures in the blog below and in the Boho Hat product listing! 

Photographer Brittany Bunker holding the Boho Hat Holder

Wall Mounted Hat Holder

We love a good hat! Wide-brim, flattering to our features, and beautifully earthy-toned. It takes lots of trying on, but once a hat match is made, it's a wonderful thing. Some of these lovely hats are quite an investment too. They make us feel and look wonderful, and that is a big deal. But where do we dawn our hat when not bestowing it? We wanted another option besides our already crowded hat rack.

model with hat looking at double hat wall display

Hat Holder Ideas

We started with our best macrame cord and started playing around. After a few samples, we decided that the simple braided look had our hearts. We wanted the same thick braids found in the favorite Anne Plant Hanger. But not with just any wooded dowel. We wanted this part to be special and unique. We decided to go with a sandblasted branch rather than a sanded smooth dowel. This added raw texture next to the feminine braids. 

braided macrame hat holder with rough branch top

This holder is so simple to use. Just add a minimal nail and hang. Your hat will easily fit in the opening! The wide brim lays flat along the wall and the macrame holder blends in like a boho hat band!  

model taking hat out of wall mounted hat display

Hat Collection Display

The display is the main event of this piece. We love our hats on and off, and they make lovely additions to modern boho home decor. 

boho hat wall display

How about this boho living room inspiration? To get this look, maximize the natural light in your space with light walls and unobstructed windows. Add lots of natural texture with baskets and natural fibers. Layer the earthy tones with florals and the boho hat wall display.

side view of wall mounted hat display

And if you want to mix even more natural texture, add an accent macrame floral for fun!

Hat Wall Display

This design can be modified based on the number of hats you want to display. Single, double, and even triple hat displays are made to order for you. And the wall is not the only place to hang from! Do you have a large accent mirror? How cute to hang it from there! 

boho home decor display of hat holder; living room hat holder idea

"I bought this hat holder as a gift for my sister this Christmas. It was beautifully made, and Nathalie takes such care with her packaging. Which made this such a lovely gift to give. My sister loves it and uses it to hang her hat." Rachel

Fringe and Free

Fringe and Free is an alternative home decor online shop. We loving being a handmade in the USA small businesses. Shop our macrame art, popular Americana home decor, and perhaps be inspired to try the macrame craft yourself. 

fringe and free, handmade decor store


This is so creative! Looks stunning!

La Ivana March 17, 2022

What a cute idea! So creative.

Adriane March 14, 2022

Great ideas! Looks nice.

Shelley March 03, 2022

that’s simple and elegant, I liked the idea

ramy March 03, 2022

These are such stylish hats! Pastel… My favourites! I love the say they match your home decor as well!!!

Shar March 03, 2022

Super cute! I have been wanting to do this in our room and this makes me even more excited to do it. Thanks for sharing!

Walk Along With Us March 03, 2022

Lovely photoshoot and neat idea for my fancy sunhats that spend half a year in a bag on a wardrobe.

Mihaela| theworldisanoyster.com March 03, 2022

This is the cutest hat display collection I have ever seen!

Komal Singh March 03, 2022

I didn’t know such a thing existed! I need this.

Amanda March 02, 2022

Super cute hat displays!

Alex March 02, 2022

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