Plants Breathe Life into Your Space

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Plants breathe life into your space. They are constantly and slowly changing over time. Some are picky and full of drama, and others are low key and can be trusted to do their own thing most of the time.

Thinking of my plant collection today, I have lost count of how many I have indoors. It’s somewhere over 20. All but one of them is doing great. I’ve had this plant for 3 years now, and suddenly it is just doing terribly. Not all plants are going to do well in my home, but some will, and those are my plants.

I started adding plants indoors once I married and had my first apartment with my husband. This was back in 2014. My first house plant was a Peace Lily. They are known for their beautiful flowers and air purification qualities. When I read the tag before purchasing, I read that it was easy maintenance. Oh, they lied. Maybe they didn’t, but I do not do well with Peace Lilies. The ones in my home are drama queens. I’m currently trying again with one, this is my third one, and she is alive, but I don’t think she is happy. Or maybe she likes being unhappy? Who knows. The point is, my first few plants are no longer with me. BUT, I did get a house plant in my first year of trying, an Aloe Vera. And she is still going strong. That is amazing to me. And not only that, she has had COUNTLESS pups (off-shoots that become independent plants). If I had to guess, I think I have given away over a hundred by now. I kept the first pups. They grew up and had their own pups, and then those had their own pups. I don’t know how many generations are in my house now, and the original aloe is still having her own pups every year.

Aloes and I get along very well. We get each other. We both thrive well in the same space. It is my kind of plant. Other plants have been adopted into our home that also thrive here. Pothos, some succulents, Prayer Plants, and I honestly don’t know the names of the others.

I am excited for you to find your kind of plants. I want to help you find your plants, so I’m going to day-dream a plant adoption day for you.

Here it is…

Wake up and get ready for the day. Think about where you may want to put a plant or two in your space. Take mental notes of the light in that space and what direction the windows in that room are facing (east, south, etc.)? Stop by your local coffee shop and give them some love. While that cappuccino warmly wakes you up, look for some local plant nurseries. Search online for nurseries. Send a text or two to some local friends and family that have plants. Also, ask them what is their favorite house plant. While you are on your phone, go ahead and find a local Facebook Group for plant lovers. If you are in Dallas-Ft.Worth, I have really enjoyed DFW Plant Peeps.

Set-off to your first nursery. My current favorite nursery is one that matches me well, it is called Chambers Nursery Garden Center, located in Irving. This nursery is not for everyone, but it is for me. It is a no-thrills, all-heart kind of place. I go here for plants and dirt, not pots, though they do have some plastic ones which pair well in a beautiful bowl hung in a planter.

When considering which plant to get, consider any pets you have. Stay away from those toxic to them.

Check out another nursery or two if you want. Enjoy finding some pottery with drainage. If you want to get fancy and support local even more, find some local potters who make planters.

Start following some inspirational plant accounts, like our friends Emily the Plant or Windswept Prairie Plants.

Bring your plant home and see how it goes. Give yourself some grace, find what works for you. You may need to treat yourself to another plant-shopping day every year until you find the plants that fit your home’s ecosystem. And don't forget, you can raise your plants with our handmade in Texas macrame plant hangers! We have an extensive collection of styles and colors!

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Love this post Nathalie !

Emily Lohnes September 06, 2023

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