EASY Houseplants to Try

So you want greenery without the green thumb? All about those natural elements but you've never had a plant? Or your have had many plants, it's just not working out for you? Here is a list of easy plants to try! 

pothos (not cat-friendly)

spider plant



blue echevaria

burro's tail

pilea peperomia (Chinese money plant)

philodendron brasil (not pet-friendly)

prayer plant

pony tail tips

And some alternatives....

Try propagated cuttings in your plant hanger! Grab a bottle or bowl (that fits your planter if you are wanting to hang it), add water and a cutting. Depending on the plant, you may be set for a very long time. I have cuttings of pothos in my home that have been happy in their up-cycled gin bottles for nearly a year now (some bottles are just too pretty to toss, right?). I change the water every now and then (I'm embarrassed to say just how seldom I change it), and check the water level when I remember to. The Anne and Minimal Square Plant Hanger fit my gin bottles of different shapes nicely. 

I also love dried plants. I haven't experimented with dried plants hung in my plant hangers yet, but I do have them all over my home in vases. Try dried eucalyptus for a very beautiful and organic touch of green to your space. 


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